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“We have evolved into an underground network of guerrilla parenting and survivalist experts.” —Robert A. Pruitt

Meet Otabenga Jones & Associates, one of four commissioned artists for Funk, God, Jazz & Medicine: Black Radical Brooklyn. OJA is a Houston-based artist collective, founded in 2002 by artist and educator Otabenga Jones in collaboration with members Dawolu Jabari Anderson, Jamal Cyrus, Kenya Evans, and Robert A. Pruitt. The group’s pedagogical mission takes a myriad of forms, including actions, writings, DJ sets, and installations. In scope, the organization’s mission is three-fold: to underscore the complications of black representation, to maintain and promote the core principles of the Black radical tradition, and (in the words of the late Russell Tyrone Jones) “teach the truth to the young black youth.”

Learn more about their #FunkGodJazzMedicine project here.


Installation, Day 4 - 6/19/2014 NO INSTRUCTIONS FOR ASSEMBLY, Activation IV.


(Part 2) 30 Women Creators We Love #30WCR8

AADAT, TheNublk and Live Unchained are collaborating to present you 30 Women Creators #30WCR8. In Part 2, we feature 5 amazing artists on Live Unchained.

Top Left: Lulu Kitololo
Top Right: Noah Sow
Middle Left: Jnell Jordan
Middle Right: Nina Chanel Abney
Bottom: Brianna McCarthy

Read Part 2

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Eternally inspired by the photographs of iconic Malian photographer Seydou Keita.

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ART: Incredible Finger Drawings by Judith Braun

As strange as it sounds, New York-based artist Judith Braun creates all these wonderful landscapes and abstract patterns using nothing but her fingers dipped in charcoal dust.

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Couple in Prospect Park, 1990 by Dawoud Bey


Couple in Prospect Park, 1990 by Dawoud Bey

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Rick LaCour

Photo by 
Clay Rochemont

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by Tamara Natalie Madden
 Visit for more awesome Black Women Art!


by Tamara Natalie Madden

Visit for more awesome Black Women Art!

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Keeper of the Golden City from The Guardians series

I believe that I subconsciously paint women a lot because I come from a family of women. I have many aunts and the strongest woman I’ve ever known—my grandmother—raised me. Men were around, but the women have always been my protectors, caretakers, and support system. “The Guardians” are symbolic of those that protect nature, beauty, spirituality, and a myriad of other things—they are the warriors. The paintings are metaphors for the unknown—the mystical and sometimes the literal. - Tamara Natalie Madden

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